About Minimum Wage Recording

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Minimum Wage Recording was started by Lance Koehler with one goal in mind - to give big bands, small bands, and everyone in between a chance to turn thier musical vision into a tangible medium that can be shared with the masses. Such a thing should not be out of reach for any band, so prices were set at a point that made a professional recording a reality for any band, and the studio was given a name to reflect that. Here is a bit of history on the studio for those interested:

Minimum Wage Recording actually began in 2000 in the city of New Orleans, just two blocks outside the French Quarter. The building used to be the local community center. The space had a great vibe...simple and comfortable.We were running on a simple 16 track system, but were instantly busy working with neighborhood artists and street musicians from the Quarter (Mad Mike, Mexico1910, Casey The One Man Band, and Photon). After being open for about a year, the studio was moved to Richmond Virginia. The original location in RVA was in a real cool vibey old house in Oregon Heights. It was the home and rehersal spot of quite a few bands including Oregon Hill Funk Allstars and Hotel X. The current studio sits at the gates of Hollywood cemetery in Oregon Hill. It's by far the most comfortable and functional studio to date.

Whether you play rock, jazz, blues, rap, or anything in between...Minimum Wage Recording can get the job done with a professional recording that is truly impressive. If you are interested in scheduling time at the studio, just visit our contact page and give us a call for openings and a price quote.

About Lance Koehler

I am Lance Koehler: owner, engineer, secretary and janitor of Minimum Wage Recording. I started out playing the drum set around1983 and have since spent life playing, absorbing (and sometimes studying) all styles of music from punk to jazz. There isn’t a genre of music on the planet that I don’t like (hmmm… so far anyway) but my personal taste gravitates toward the raw and real. I enjoy recordings with the intimacy and passion of a live performance only in an acoustically balanced studio setting. As a listener, I want to feel as though the sounds that I am hearing on a record are coming from real people actually playing music in a room together. People interacting in real time is where the magic is. I believe that this interaction makes for the most lasting recordings ever.

As a result of my audio aesthetic, I created MWR, a space where bands of all levels and backgrounds can feel comfortable, be themselves and perform their music the way they want to perform it. My challenge and goal is to record what a band IS, not what I think they should be. With that being said, I am more than willing to lend advice and constructive criticism when it is welcome. I have gained a lot of experience from the diverse influences that I have worked with over the years, both in recording and performing. This has given me a well-rounded view of music and the industry. I am here to share this with you and help out anyway I can.

Available Services include: tracking, mixing, mastering, live recording, producing and session drumming. (*Please know that I am only interested in recording bands or musical projects at this time. I do not do audio for commercials or film.)